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What Injuries Can I Be Compensated For In A Personal Injury Case – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer NC


If you have been injured in a Durham car accident, you may be wondering what you can recover for your injuries and losses. This is a common concern for those who have been injured, but your results are based on the facts of the situation. Bear in mind that every accident is an individualized situation. However, if your injury resulted from another person’s negligence, there are several types of recovery that may be available to you.

Here are a few kinds of recovery you may be entitled to:

Pain and Suffering: This form of recovery is to make up for the physical and emotional stress caused by an injury. This recovery goes beyond the actual medical costs of recovery, and attempts to give the not at-fault driver for the actual pain they have had to endure following the car accident.

Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are in essence a form of punishment for the at-fault driver. A judge may award punitive damages if he wants to make an example of the driver to prevent future accidents, or if he believes that the compensation alone is not enough to make the plaintiff whole.

Emotional Suffering: Following an accident, a not at-fault driver may suffer emotional distress. This could result even in fear of getting back on the road, a loss of control, or reoccurring thoughts of the actual accident. Emotional suffering damages can vary depending on the facts of your case. Call the attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law for a free consultation to see if you may be entitled to emotional suffering damages.

Compensatory Damages: Compensatory damages are award to a plaintiff to compensate for the actual costs of any injuries or losses. These damages are awarded to cover medical costs, property repair, or any other costs resulting from an accident caused by another party’s negligent.

Loss Wages: Often victims of car accidents have to miss work to recovery from their injuries and losses. This form of damages is to make up for the wages you would have earned from your employer had you been able to go to work. However, this form of recovery is generally only backward looking and not forward looking. Therefore, the cut off for accumulation of lost wages is generally at trial or upon settlement.

Loss of Consortium: This form of damages to make up for any injury that occurred to a family relationship as a result of an accident. A spouse of an injured or killed not at-fault drive may sue for loss of consortium. This form of damages is supposed to represent the love and relationship that the spouse or family loss as a result of the injuries or death of a car accident victim.

For more information regarding your possible damages, contact the attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law. Our office offers a free initial consultation, and the attorneys are ready to discuss the potential damages and success of your specific case. Call Wallace Pierce Law at (919) 313-2729 for a free consultation with an experienced Durham Personal Injury Attorney.

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