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The Next Step


The Next Step in Seeking Compensation

This accident has affected many aspects of your life, and you have likely done a significant amount of research related to moving forward with this process. The next step is to meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer and begin understanding how to protect your rights and interests. If you’re ready to take the next step in seeking fair and just compensation for your injuries, pick up your phone and call us today. Take the next step to put this case in the competent hands of your new personal injury attorney today.

You may wish to discover more about your legal options with our free personal injury service, which includes unlimited access to our comprehensive legal guides and articles, sample documents and forms, and access to relevant case law. We will answer all of your questions and concerns about each and every aspect of the personal injury and property damage claims process when you call your NC Personal Injury Attorney directly.

We are here to provide you with the answers to your most complicated questions and will assist you in seeking the compensation your case may deserve.

We Understand What You Are Going Through

Your head is spinning and your ears ringing as you can barely understand what the police officer is asking you. You have the most awful feeling that time is running slower than it should be, and this causes an empty, burning sensation in your stomach.

You lie in bed unable to get comfortable, or you are too scared to even roll over because you fear the pain that may come from that action. You’re just hoping that if you can be still for long enough that sleep will bring some momentary relief to the pain and throbbing you feel across your body. You’re hoping, praying and needing tomorrow to be just a fraction better than today.

You worry that things will never get back to normal, or if they do, that it might be too late because the doctor visits are getting in the way of paying rent and keeping the lights on.

We know that this situation is beyond bad. Your normal, everyday troubles are seemingly nonexistent because everything has changed.

Nothing Is Happening As It Should

This accident has tipped your life completely upside down, and everything seems to be outside of your control. When the air conditioner suddenly stops working, you call the repair technician, because he understands exactly what is needed to repair your problem. If you think about it, the relationship between you and your repairman is quite simple. You call, he comes and fixes the problem, and the problem is solved.

This is nothing like a broken air conditioner. You know that speaking to a personal injury lawyer is a good idea for the same reason that calling a repair technician is; however, this isn’t a cracked coil on your air conditioner, but vastly more complicated. This is your health, your family, your life and your body on the line. Knowing that you have a problem is only part of the process. Knowing what issues need to be fixed is key to actually finding solutions to these issues.

This is not being able to go to your children’s soccer game because you are recovering from surgery. This is putting co-payments to medical providers on your credit card because you need to pay the rent. This is explaining to your significant other why you have no energy or desire to be companionable. This is the conversation with your friends and family explaining that you can’t meet for dinner.

These problems aren’t as simple as calling a repair technician to come look at your air conditioner.

Getting the Answers You Need

Finding a lawyer that you like and believe is competent is a daunting task. In fact, lawyers are really a different species. While most lawyers don’t have scales or a forked tongue, interacting with lawyers can be overwhelming, given their ability to take something simple and make it seemingly complex with legalese.

Asking friends or family members for advice is always an option. That family member who was involved in an accident and seemed to handle the case adequately brags about how much he was about to squeeze out of the insurance companies. After all, it seems like the lawyers and the insurance companies all know each other and end up doing what is in their own best interests.

Personal injury process may appear to be a soul-crushing machine, designed to accept all of the aspects of who you are and how you were injured and simply spit out a sum of money at the end of the case as “compensation.”

The attorneys all preach that they understand exactly what is happening inside that soul-crushing personal injury machine, but they are hesitant to explain and show the entire process to you so that you can understand it as well. The entire process works by ensuring that you have no idea what is next and keeps you completely reliant on the lawyer to get the next piece to the puzzle, despite that fact that you are the one with the most to lose.

Is It Even Worth Fighting the Insurance Company?

Can I even afford to hire a lawyer? My only car was completely damaged in the accident and I can’t afford to continue paying for the rental car. Who knows how much a lawyer is going to charge or how long they are going to take to get my property damage claim resolved? Will hiring a lawyer even help me get more money for my case? Why does the lawyer get so much of my settlement?

There Must Be a Better Way

We know that we have done things differently since the law firm began. For years, being different has been our calling. It’s why we believe we are different by design, We know that our differences have made some lawyers in the industry unhappy, but frankly that is fine by us, as we don’t serve lawyers—we represent the injured and help the wronged.

No More Secrets

We know and operate under the belief that people who have been injured in accidents do not need more stress in their lives than they are already forced to endure. This is especially true when the stress and anxiety of the process comes from the lawyers who don’t care whether you are able to decipher the complicated processes and legalese associated with your case. The secrets and knowledge that we at Wallace Pierce Law share are designed and intended to give ordinary people like you confidence about their options and about the claims process, so that they may make educated and informed decisions about their cases and lives.

Regaining Control

It’s commonly known that lawyers are exceptionally good at making any process complicated and terribly expensive. Ensuring that our clients understand exactly what we are doing and why is the foundation upon which our business is built. We understand that thinking about attorney’s fees and miscellaneous expenses can be a stress-inducing activity. That’s why, several years ago, we implemented our fee certainty policy. Under the fee certainty policy, we explain and outline exactly what the clients will pay to the lawyer and then ensure that the client understands.

Step One – Stop the Bleeding

I have never met a single person who thought that one day they would be the victim of a life-altering car accident. It’s simply not how people perceive the world. Life after a car accident involves unimaginable stress in which your time, energy, money and health are torn in hundreds of directions.

Step one after your car accident should be talking to us. We’ll schedule a convenient in-person meeting to discuss your case and your immediate needs. We’ll talk about your medical concerns and explore each and every option available to you. Your meeting will end with you having: (1) a well-developed and personalized action plan for you and your family, and (2) a complete and thorough understanding of the legal rights and remedies available to you and your family.

We expect you to come into the office with a list of your most significant and concerning questions. However, know you will leave with a personalized plan of action and a comprehensive idea of how your case will proceed so that you can focus on putting the pieces of your life back together. Accidents are both terrifying and traumatic. We are proud to know that we are capable of guiding you through the process from start to finish.

If you’re ready to get started, call us now at (919) 887-7892.

Knowledge is Power

You’re here because you know that time is of the essence and the time is now. However, starting the accident process without completely understanding your rights can easily make your situation worse or ruin the case completely. The legal rights and remedies available to you may become null or void if you make a mistake or say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Even if you are uncertain as to whether you wish to proceed, understanding the law and your options is an excellent idea.

The Law is Overwhelming

Every lawyer understands how overwhelming and complex the law is. Our goal is to guide you and your family through this process, just like we do for other North Carolina families every single day. We don’t practice anything other than personal injury law. Therefore, you won’t see us in criminal traffic court handling a speeding ticket or ever preparing someone’s will. We are exclusively dedicated to assisting victims of personal injury accidents through the most challenging time of their lives.

If you are uncertain about whether or not to proceed, take a moment and look at what some other individuals have to say about finding and getting legal assistance. Everyone is hesitant and wonders whether their case actually needs a lawyer. It’s a common question that warrants a simple answer: if you are wondering whether or not you need a lawyer, it’s a good idea to find and a lawyer and ask!

Start At the Very Beginning

Your entire life was flipped upside down after your accident, so taking the time to deal with rude and desensitized insurance adjusters is the very last item that should you want on your agenda. If not being able to get up and get dressed without feeling numbness, tingling and pain shooting across your body isn’t enough to drive you to madness, having to worry about why the insurance company hasn’t called you back surely will.

Start here. You can get every piece of information that you will need to process your case, from sample forms, explanatory videos, audio negotiations,  articles and even statutes and case law. When we say, “EVERYTHING,” we literally mean everything!

But the process is not simple, as there are pitfalls that are hazardous and can easily ruin your entire case if this isn’t something you do for a living.

Handling court appearances, responding to discovery, and gathering witnesses is enough for any competent lawyer to worry about.

Your life has been turned upside down by this accident. Ignoring your children, spouse, and family for legal paperwork is not worth it.

Start this process by scheduling a meeting with a personal injury lawyer so that you may understand for yourself what exactly is involved and at stake. Learn what is necessary to protect your interests and start the healing process.

Making decisions about your life, health, and financial well being without understanding the consequences of your actions is the last thing that you need to do.

We have all heard horror stories about people hiring lawyers for accidents and the attorney’s fees, costs and expenses resulting in the victims getting next to nothing. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Find a law firm that meets with you, understands your needs, and works to produce the results that you need: nothing more and nothing less.

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