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Dealing with Insurance Adjusters


Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Car accidents are a nerve-wracking by nature, and fear that an insurance adjusters will be instantly suspicious your personal injury claims doesn’t help the situation. However, claims adjusters are not generally suspicious unless you do something to arouse suspicion. Although not your intent, sometimes the actions that go with this fear can create suspicion. Don’t handle these adjusters alone and avoid the fear all together by contacting a Durham Personal Injury attorney at Wallace Pierce Law. We are here to help you.

As the injured party, you should work with your attorney to understand how much information should be given to an insurance adjuster. The more your attorney knows, the better they can help you and the sooner you can be free of the adjuster’s questions. Your attorney may not have the answer to all the adjuster’s questions (especially those personal questions), so cooperation is the key to working with insurance adjusters and insurance company.

However, anytime you talk to an adjuster individually you should be weary of their intentions. Insurance adjusters are employed to save the insurance company money. They are the agents of the insurance company, and are serving in the company best interest. The adjusters will be looking at ways to devalue your damages. Don’t get sucked into their trap and lose out on what you deserve for your injuries and losses.

On the other hand, don’t let the fear of missing out force you into a bad settlement. We at Wallace Pierce Law understand that a quick settlement can be appealing, however, these kinds of settlements are often not in your favor. Let us help you negotiate with the insurance company to ensure settlement is in your best interest. We understand there is a power imbalance between you as an individual and the insurance company, let us tip the scale in your favor.

The more serious your injury, the more likely you need a Durham car accident attorney. Serious injuries come with serious costs. You may find yourself unable to pay for your medical expenses while waiting for settlement. This can result in a medical lien on your Durham personal injury settlement.

The insurmountable expenses that accompany an injury can complicate the process and put greater pressure on you while dealing with insurance adjusters. Don’t do it alone, let us stand on your side.

Contact a Durham personal injury attorney today to discuss any insurance questions you may have. Insurance claims can be complicated and you may find it unpleasant to deal with adjusters. The attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law can help advocate your claim to an insurance company with qualified legal experience.

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