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Did the Insurance Adjuster Underestimate My Claim?


Did the Insurance Adjuster Underestimate My Claim?

The insurance companies, their adjusters or attorneys while representing the at-fault party will frequently underestimate the value of a claim. While underestimating the value of a claim can be a beneficial strategy for the at-fault party, understanding how to analysis and determine what has been undervalued is essential to ensuring that you receive the compensation that your Durham injury claim deserves. If you feel that you claim has been undervalued, consider speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Durham North Carolina today who is informed and practiced in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

It is important to understand that insurance adjusters will often make offers and give justifiable reasoning and explanations to avoid paying you more money. Naturally, it is the insurance company’s goal to avoid paying you a penny more than they need to. As such, insurance companies will often underestimate your claim for your pain and suffer, medical expenses and injuries.

One of the most common reasons that the insurance companies will often refuse to offer what you claim may be worth is due to the fact that often the vehicles involved in the accidents are not as damaged as the individuals they held. Insurance adjusters often refer to these types of claims as “MIST” or, “Minor Impact Soft Tissue” injuries. The insurance company will decide that because the contact to your car was slight, therefore your injuries must also be slight. Even though car may not be damaged, the human body could well be injured quite severely. There is not doubt that steel and metal can handle more damage than flesh and bone. Machines and bodies are not injured in the same ways.

It is fair common for the ‘minor-impact’ argument to cause the insurance company to refuse to offer what may be consider reasonable in light of the injuries to the accident victim. Even though the argument appears unscientific, insurance adjuster often get away with stripping you of your compensation you deserve because your car or van was only slightly harmed. Insurance adjusters that underestimate Durham personal injury claims are eager to identify the reasons why you offer should be less than what you might expect. As such, it is important to prepare and plan your claim to ensure that you can eliminate as many potential problems as possible.

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