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Durham Personal Injury Lawyer – Insurance Adjusters May Underestimate Your Claim


The insurance company that represents the at-fault party will often underestimate your claim to avoid paying you what you deserve. Contact a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer today who is experienced in dealing with difficult insurance companies.

Insurance company adjusters will use any justifiable reason to avoid paying you for your injuries. Cars don’t always suffer extreme damage to car accidents. Your car can go untouched while your body may suffer from severe injuries sustained in a seemingly harmless accident. Insurance companies will argue that you only suffer “MIST,” or, “Minor Impact Soft Tissue” injuries. The insurance company will argue that the impact on your car was minor, so your injuries can only be minor.

While your car may not be hurt, your body could be injured quite severely. Cars are made of strong man-made materials unlike the flesh and bone of your body. Machines and bodies are not injured in the same ways.

Often, the minor-impact-argument will work with juries. Even though the argument seems unscientific, insurance companies often get away with stripping you of the compensation you deserve because your car was only slightly harmed.

Insurance adjusters that underestimate claims are just one reason, of the many reasons, why you should document your claim.

Here are some tips as to how to prevent underestimation of our claims:

  • Report your injury immediately. The longer you wait to report your injury, the less likely you will be able to recover for it.
  • Keep track of all medical records and bills. Its harder for an insurance adjuster to minimize physical injuries when there are actual diagnoses and treatments for injuries provided by a doctor. Who knows better how you were physical impact by a car accident that a licensed medical professional.
  • Get several estimates for any damage to your car. Everything that could have possibly been damaged needs to be checked out. The more that has to be fixed on your car, the weaker the “minor impact” argument will be.

If you have been injured in a car accident, don’t wait to seek the advice of a Durham Personal Injury. The attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law are dedicated to helping you with your most complicated legal matters with your personal injury claim.

Don’t let insurance adjusters minimize your injuries. The Durham car accident attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law understand the full extent of your injuries and will work to make sure a jury does too if a settlement cannot be reached.

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