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Durham Injury Lawyer – Texting While Driving in Durham, NC


Studies have shown that texting while driving can be more serious than driving while intoxicated. Seasoned adult drivers and teenage drivers disregard the danger and compose, read, and send texts while driving. In addition, with the growth of the social media industry, drivers may fall victim to their own curiosity and check their feeds while driving. Social media while driving may even be the new texting in driving. Either way, looking down at your phone while driving is putting you and others at risk.

Many drivers will admit that they will text a word or two while driving. However, it is illegal in North Carolina to text while driving no matter how short the text message or how long your good driving record may be. Unfortunately, the laws are only so strong without constant enforcement. The ban alone is not enough to keep people from engaging in dangerous behavior.

In North Carolina text messaging and cell phone law are primary laws. Officers can pull you over for violation of primary laws without witnessing another violation. The texting law is easily enforced. Officers can simply pull you over if they see a driver using a cell phone. North Carolina makes the 14th state to make text messaging while driving illegal. Therefore, not only should you self police yourself when it comes to distracted driving, but you should also be aware that distracted drivers may on your route.

As the New York Times Reports:

“Studies suggest that drivers who send or receive a text message tend to take their eyes off the road for about five seconds, enough time for a vehicle going at highway speed to travel more than 100 yards.” New York Times

In 2017, 1,400 accidents resulting from cell phone use, texting, or the like were reported to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Of these 1,400 accidents, 542 people were injured and 8 people were killed. This is a 10% increase from the NCDOT 2015 Crash Facts on these kinds of accidents.

Texting while driving is often the direct cause of many rear-end accidents. Cell phone records may be examined to determine if the driver was texting while operating his vehicle. Texting while driving is often the cause of many serious bodily injuries, including fatalities, and should be taken in the most serious light.

If you have been injured as a result of third-party texting and driving, call the attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law for a free initial consultation. The attorneys at Wallace Pierce are experiences with the personal injury process and are ready to take your case.

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