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Types of Durham Car Accident Injuries


Types of Durham Car Accident Injuries

Chances are, if you have been in a North Carolina Personal Injury accident, you most likely have sustained injuries as a result. The attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law understands that your injury can have serious implications on your day-to-day activities. We have the legal know-how to help you on the way to recovery, while getting you compensated for any injury-related expenses you may be experiencing.

Injuries resulting from car accidents can come in a variety of forms, presenting varying complications and treatment options. At Wallace Pierce Law, our familiarity with personal injuries allows us to provide you with attentive and careful legal representation and catered to your specific injury needs.

We, here at Wallace Pierce Law, know that knowledge is power. We are not afraid to educate our clients, and better yet prefer that you go through this process with as much understanding as we can afford you. Part of this knowledge including knowing what kinds of injuries may result from your accident. Not all injuries show up immediately, it is important to be aware of potential delayed symptoms in addition to those that are felt on scene.

Below are some of the more common types of car accident injuries include:

Soft Tissue Injuries/Whiplash: When your vehicle is struck by another vehicle, whiplash is extremely common because of the impact of force on your head, neck, and spinal regions. Essentially, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons surrounding these regions strain due to the quick motion and abnormal range of motion you experience during a soft tissue injury. More serious spinal injuries can result in loss of feeling or even paralysis.

Cuts or Lacerations: As flying debris often accompanies a car accident, cuts and lacerations to the parties involved are common. You may come into contact with broken glass or metal, resulting in potentially deep cuts. These may require stitches and have the potential to result in scarring.

Broken Bones: Car accidents can commonly result in broken ribs, legs, wrists, and arms. Typically, broken bones are some of the less complicated injuries to treat, usually requiring wearing a cast and undergoing physical therapy. In more severe cases, the break may require surgery.

Internal Injuries: If significant force is placed on your body, some of your internal organs may be affected. Commonly, forceful contact with the steering column can cause internal bleeding. This is a more serious type of injury, and should be addressed immediately by emergency medical treatment. Some signs of internal injuries to look for include unwavering stomach pain, back pain, heavy bruising, and tingling or numbness.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)/Concussions: When force trauma to your head occurs, you should be screened for any swelling of the brain or concussion. This is an injury that may go unnoticed for some time if you do not address it immediately. You may not feel as though there is anything wrong, but if your head was impacted in your accident, there is a chance that it may swell and lead to severe or even permanent damage.

If you have experienced or begin to experience any of these types of injuries following a car accident – or even if you have a different type of car accident injury, consult your Durham Personal Injury Lawyer at Wallace Pierce Law today to see how you can begin the road to recovery while we handle the rest.

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