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Personal Injury Claim Process


If you have been injured in a car accident, recovery from your personal injuries is the most important thing. Recovery can mean more than just seeing a doctor for your physical injuries. Recovery should also mean ensuring that you are compensated for your medical expenses and lost wages. At Wallace Pierce Law, we are focused on protecting the rights of injured individuals like you through every step of the legal process.

How Wallace Pierce Law Can Help
We know that the legal process can be intimidating and you might have concerns about bringing a personal injury claim for your injuries. Wallace Pierce Law’s Personal Injury Lawyers have put together a summary of how they can assist you and your family:

Medical Treatment
Your body and your health should be your primary concern. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible is very important. The lawyers at Wallace Pierce Law are hesitant to estimate the value of your claim until your medical treatment is complete. Seeking medical treatment and following your doctor’s orders is possibly the most important thing you can do for your case.

Evaluate your case
After you have received treatment for your injuries, your personal injury lawyer will gather all of your medical records, medical bills, and lost wages to ascertain the value and likely compensation you should be entitled to. Your damages will be calculated and included in a demand letter which will be sent to the insurance company.

Negotiate your Settlement
Upon receipt of your demand letter, the insurance company will review our allegations and your damages and may issue a settlement offer. Wallace Pierce Law’s Personal Injury Lawyers will review the settlement offer and assess whether it is sufficient to cover all of your accident related expenses and damages. The initial settlement offer will likely result in negotiations with the insurance company. It is important to note that your case will NOT settle unless you have expressly authorized the settlement amount and are satisfied.

After the Settlement
If a fair and agreeable settlement can be reached with the insurance company, the attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law will notify you immediately. As soon as your settlement check has been received, the monies will be deposited into our Interest on Lawyers Trust Account (IOLTA). From there, you will receive payout directly from our firm for your recovery.

If you have been injured and are in need of legal representation for your injuries, consider speaking to a North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer at Wallace Pierce Law. Give us a call at (919)313-2729 or fill out a free initial consultation form should you wish to receive more information.

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