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Driving in Windy Weather – Durham Personal Injury Lawyer


When drivers are discussing hazardous weather conditions, most drivers are usually concerned about heavy rain, ice, and snow. However, the wind itself is a concern whether it accompanies precipitation or not. If you have ever driven on a windy day, you have felt the involuntary movement of your car as a gush of wind hits it. Wind can act as invisible hands pushing a car in a direction the driver doesn’t want it to go.

If you were injured by a negligent driver who failed to drive with caution in windy weather, it is a good idea to speak to a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer.

Wind can be very dangerous. Not only can it strike on its own but if often serves as a warning sign of an approaching storm. In most cases, arrives before and dissipates long after a storm has passed, therefore, even if the storm itself has ended you should still proceed with caution.

If it is windy, your biggest concern on the road is going to be flying debris. It is common for a gust to blow tree limbs, law ornaments, or other items into the road that are not secured. Any of these items could easily be blown into the path of your car or your line of vision. If visibility is compromised, you may not be able to avoid colliding with the debris which may result in injury. Additionally, if another driver suddenly swerves to get out of the way of flying debris, their vehicle could collide into yours.

Never underestimate how strong wind can be. If a gust of wind hits a car, it can easily cause the car to drift off the side of the road or into another lane. Also, don’t forget who you are sharing the roads with during windy weather. Pedestrians, truck drivers, and bikers will also be affected by the winds. It is important to remain on high alert while driving in these unfavorable conditions.

If you are about to leave your house and notice the wind picking up, maybe best to stay home and wait for it to pass. If you do have to go out into windy weather, remember to slow down and drive with caution. Always turn on your headlights if it gets dark or if any precipitation begins to fall. In addition, watch for flying objects and keep two steady hands on the wheel at all times.

Accidents can happen at any time for any reason, but the chances of accidents increase if you are driving in windy weather. If you were injured by a third party during windy weather, ask a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer at Wallace Pierce Law if you may be entitled to compensation. To schedule a free consultation, call (919) 887-7892 or fill out our consultation contact form today.

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