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How Social Media Sites Can Harm Your Personal Injury Claim


In the age of technology we live in, the internet has become almost a necessity. We use it on a daily basis both at home and at work or school. Social media network sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc) have also become so common that we don’t always think about the information that we put on our personal pages.

Between pictures, status updates and location tags, we are constantly telling the world (or at the least, all of our friends) what we are doing and where we are located. However, if you have been injured in a North Carolina car accident, posting too much on your social media network pages could end up harming your personal injury case. For more information on what you shouldn’t post on your social media accounts, ask a Durham Personal Injury Attorney NC.

The best thing to always remember when it comes to social media networks is that you should keep your information private. There are several privacy settings you can change but this does not always stop information from getting out in the public. You also have to remember that your posts and pictures can be shared by others who may not have their privacy settings as strict as yours or you may have a friend who posts a picture of you and shares it publicly. Your Durham Personal Injury Lawyer will remind you that if you aren’t sure if something should be posted, it is best to not post it at all.

When you have been the victim of a car accident, you should always listen to your doctor’s orders. This means that if he has written you out of work and said you needed to rest while you are healing, you should do just that. Imagine, however, that your friend is having a party and despite the fact that you are still sore, you go to the party instead of resting and pictures of you end up on Facebook. The medical bills that your North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer provides the insurance company for proof of your injuries may state you were hurt but what if the insurance adjuster sees the pictures of you at the party? The adjuster could easily argue that you were not as injured as you claimed.

Always remember that an insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company and not for you. Their goal is to resolve the claim as quickly as possible and to pay out as little as possible. There are many tricks an adjuster will use to get information they can use to lessen the value of your claim. While attorney will advise you against giving a recorded statement and signing medical releases, the same goes for your social media accounts.

An insurance adjuster can easily find you online and will try to gather any information that is available that may be helpful to them. The best rule of thumb is to avoid social media sites while your claim is being handled, keep your privacy settings locked down and be wary of images or posts you are tagged in.

If you were injured in a North Carolina car accident, speak to a Durham Personal Injury Lawyer at Wallace Pierce Law today by calling (919) 887-7892 to schedule a free consultation.

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