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5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Road this Holiday Season

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Driving in winter weather can be a challenge, especially if your vehicle is not equipped with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive capabilities. The challenges are exacerbated even further when it is raining heavily, snowing, or the road is icy. However, there are certain steps you can take to reduce your chances of being involved in an accident this winter.

Keep reading to learn five ways to keep yourself safe behind the wheel this holiday season.

5 Ways To Stay Safe

#1: Keep An Emergency Kit In the Car

It’s a good idea to keep the following items in your car in the event you become stranded on the road during inclement weather:

  • Snow shovel
  • Snow chains
  • Bag of salt (or cat litter)
  • Ice scraper
  • Snowbrush
  • Blanket
  • Hand warmers
  • Gloves
  • Several bottles of water
  • First aid kit

#2: Make Sure Your Wiper Fluid Contains Anti-Freeze

The last thing you want is a dirty windshield and frozen wiper fluid. It may also be wise to purchase winter wiper blades, which prevent the wipers from hardening due to ice and snow.

#3: Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Poor weather conditions may force you to alter your route or head back. Additionally, having a gas tank that’s over half full will help prevent your vehicle’s gas-line from freezing.

#4: Your Tires Should Have A Fairly Aggressive Tread and Be Adequately Inflated

The more aggressive the tread on your vehicle, the more traction you’ll have on the road. Unless you live in a mountainous region, you likely won’t need snow tires for driving on North Carolina roads.

#5: Maintain a Clean Windshield and Clean Windows

Your vehicle’s defroster is a great tool for clearing your windshield, but you can speed up the process by scraping your windshield and windows and using a snow brush to clear the debris.

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