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Thanksgiving Mishaps


Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and spending time with those that you hold closest to your heart. It is not typically thought of as a particularly dangerous holiday, but being a personal injury lawyer sometimes leads me to contemplate how even the safest activities can result in injury.

Over the last decade I have seen and heard it all - from the most severe driving accidents to the phantom truck tire coming out of nowhere. Hearing about accidents and injuries everyday would make anyone cautious, but whether I am at work or at home with my family, I tend to be exceptionally cautious.

Here's a list of your favorite Durham personal injury lawyers' list of dangerous activities to avoid this Thanksgiving…

  1. Scalding your mouth on hot cider even after waiting for it to cool and not being able to taste the Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Causing an explosion because the turkey was not completely thawed even though every article online said it should be thawed after 5 days in the fridge.
  3. Burning your hands trying to get all the hot plates of food arranged on the table.
  4. Slicing off a finger while carving the turkey with an electric knife.
  5. Being poisoned by your mother-in-law's mac n' cheese or that strange casserole that your uncle threw together.
  6. Going into anaphylactic shock because someone put the pecan pie serving spoon in the apple pie.
  7. Getting trampled during Black Friday shopping.

While some scenarios on this list may have never crossed your mind, accidents happen all the time and I have seen people get injured in so many different ways. Hopefully you never have to experience the consequences of these potential mishaps, however I hope these serve as little reminders to help you stay safe so that you can enjoy an accident free holiday with your family.

Happy Thanksgiving from Wallace Pierce Law!

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