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How Emotional Trauma Affects a Personal Injury Case

The Effects of Emotional Trauma on a Personal Injury Case

Injuries from car accidents can be not only physical but also mental and emotional. While it is not something most victims of car accidents are aware of, compensation for mental health damages in a personal injury claim is possible. In some cases, you can obtain compensation for mental damages even if you were not physically injured whatsoever.

What is an Emotional Injury?

Common mental health issues that can arrive after a car accident are post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, chronic pain syndrome (CPS), and several others.

These conditions can cause triggering reactions when entering a vehicle again after your accident. This causes very life-altering changes and struggles that require a lot of adaptations to your everyday routine.

Usually, you need a proper diagnosis from a psychologist or other mental health professionals to obtain the compensation you rightly deserve. As with physical injuries, a court needs to see evidence of how your life has been negatively affected after the wreck and how compensation is necessary due to a decrease in quality of life.

When We Can Help

Our licensed attorneys at Wallace Pierce Law are more than qualified to help injury victims pursue compensation for damages received in a car accident, including emotional injuries. While we have helped hundreds of victims suffering physical injuries from a car collision, mental and emotional injuries are just as valid, and we are more than able to help with that.

Your case evaluation is always free of charge. Our team is devoted to giving you the best chance at getting the justice you deserve. Psychological injuries can create difficulties in obtaining due compensation, but our team is prepared to do just that; we have the experience to back it up.

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