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The Best Checklist For Safe Driving

Safe Driving Checklist

Everyone wants to arrive at their destination safely and without a hitch. Most of the time, this is easily accomplished. However, time and again, drivers allow themselves to go into auto-pilot mode and stop staying focused on the road in front of them or their surroundings. To optimize safety, stay informed on these tips to go through before taking your car out of park and going into drive.

1. Make Sure Your Phone is Charged

Before departing, make sure your phone is charged in case you are in an unfortunate situation where your car breaks down and you need to call someone for help. While this is not a common occurrence, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Check Brakes

Broken brake lights are one of the most prominent causes of a rear-end collision. When you get in your vehicle, make sure that your brake lights are properly working so you are not as prone to causing a wreck, and you avoid being pulled over by the police.

3. Check Oil Levels

If your oil change light is on, it is crucial to take it to a shop as soon as possible. If your oil gets too old, it turns into a sludge-type mixture. When this happens, it no longer gets heat from the engine. This causes the engine to overheat, which can blow a gasket, or in worst cases, complete engine failure.

4. Check Your Weather App

Weather can gravely affect the conditions of the road. Spend 30 quick seconds checking the weather so you are prepared for the total duration of your drive.

5. Check Gas Tank

Keep your tank full in case you unexpectedly get stuck in traffic, get lost, or are forced to take a longer route due to a road closure. Attempt never to let it get below a quarter of a tank.

6. Check Your Mirrors

Make sure your mirrors are always in the correct position for you. It can cause you to be distracted if they have to be adjusted while you are driving.

7. Set Up Your Navigation System

Before you take your car out of park, plug in the directions on your navigation system if that is needed. It is incredibly dangerous to try and do this while driving because it is a form of distracted driving, which commonly causes car accidents.

8. Check Your Tire Pressure

If your tire pressure is low, driving on it can cause it to blow. Situations like this can cause devastating wrecks because it does not always provide ample reaction time for nearby drivers. If your tire pressure light is on, fill it up at home if you own a pump or drive to the nearest location that provides one.

9. Buckle Up

Wearing your seatbelt is one of the most effective ways to stay safe while driving. Make a practice of clicking it before you start the car to ensure you always follow this safety tip that can be easy to forget.

10. Check Yourself

Finally, it is most important to make sure that you are in an ample headspace before operating a motor vehicle. If you are not feeling well physically or mentally, it would be safer to find a different means of transportation to reach your destination safely and avoid putting others at risk.

When All Else Fails, Turn to Wallace Pierce Law

If you follow all these safety tips, and yet you are still a victim of a car crash, our team of experienced attorneys is ready to stand by your side and fight for you. We will work day and night to get you the best shot at getting the financial compensation you need to cover your damages.

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