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Causes of Car Accidents During the Holiday Season

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The increasing number of car accidents occurring over the holidays can be attributed to several reasons. Learn more about the most common causes that leave many people in fender benders over the festive season.

Increased Traffic

The holidays are also a time for celebrations, and crashes are more likely to happen on a day when there are more people on the road, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. The chances of being in the car more often and for longer periods of time are also higher during the holidays as people visit family and friends.

Snow and Sleet

Snow, sleet, and ice can cause many problems for drivers during the holiday season. You need to be very cautious as you drive on the roads, as you may face whiteout conditions and lots of icy patches due to extreme weather conditions. When there are icy conditions, your car may hydroplane, which means that the car begins to skid. If your car hydroplanes, you need to take your foot off the gas to slow down. If you hydroplane and crash, you could end up with a number of injuries.

Driving under the Influence

Driving under the influence can put the lives of drivers and their passengers at risk. Many people simply dismiss the fact that when they get behind the wheel, their impairment can affect their judgment and concentration, and they may make risky decisions that put themselves, their passengers, and other drivers in danger. The American Association of Highway Users states that approximately 10% of all fatal car crashes involve driving under the influence. These kinds of accidents are very dangerous, and you can be charged with driving under the influence if someone is injured or killed as a result of your bad decision.

The consequences for drunk driving vary, but you will usually be forced to pay a hefty fine and serve up to six months in prison. Additional penalties for driving under the influence may mean losing your driver’s license for some time.

Ways to Stay Safe During the Busy Holiday:

  • Be mindful of reduced speed limits; do not assume the freeway will be open to all vehicles.
  • Practice patience on roadways with heavy traffic and watch for slower vehicles.
  • Expect delays, pay attention to signs, and allow for extra time to reach your destination.
  • Make sure to wear a seatbelt and drive sober.
  • Drive the speed limit.

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