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What to Do When Stuck Behind an Elephant Race

How to Handle Being Stuck Behind an Elephant Race

Have you ever heard of an "elephant race"? This happens when a large truck tries to overtake another truck. Unfortunately, there is usually only a minimal speed difference (one to two miles per hour), and multiple vehicles are often backed up.

While this is often a necessary measure, it can also create multiple hazards, and drivers must know how to protect themselves. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when approaching an elephant race.

Slow it Down

Large commercial vehicles need time to accelerate and brake. This will help you safely slow down when passing your vehicle to pass another truck. In the hope that they express their intentions, if you notice one utility vehicle rapidly approaching another, wait for them to pass and make sure you have time to slow down, just in case.

Give Drivers Behind You Time to React

An elephant race can result in a significant vehicle backup. This means that when you slow down, the vehicle behind you will slow down, and so on. If a driver does not stop in time, a multi-vehicle accident can occur. Make sure the car behind you is not too closely on your bumper, but also be careful not to follow the vehicle in front of you too closely.

Don't Let Your Driving Be Fueled By Anger.

It's easy to get frustrated when two large commercial vehicles block both of your lanes. However, don't forget that they have jobs too. Keep in mind that an accident can happen, leading to some of the most catastrophic injuries if you get aggressive.

At Wallace Pierce Law, we know an elephant race can be dangerous. If other drivers around you are not paying attention, they can crash into you pretty quickly. It's vital to ensure you have a Durham car accident lawyer on your side to help prove negligence and pursue the compensation you need to move forward.

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