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5 Ways to Stay Focused While Driving

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Driving is a privilege that requires the utmost focus and attention. One small mistake can result in devastating consequences for all involved in a car accident. To stay focused on the road and prevent an accident, take these extra precautions to eliminate potential distractions.

Secure Loose Belongings

Many items can distract a driver, like cell phones, food, grooming accessories, or makeup. Even groceries rolling around the seats can pose a distraction. In extreme cases, these items can become projectiles during an accident, often causing additional injuries to passengers in your vehicle. Take care to secure them and ensure that they are out of reach.

Keep Music at a Lower Volume

While playing a favorite song at the maximum volume may be tempting - especially on a long road trip - doing so could take focus away from the road. While a driver may be visually focused and alert to what is going on ahead, they may also be mentally distracted by the music.

Give Yourself Time

Taking the time necessary to make it to a destination safely and without stress is very important. However, trying to race against the clock is a likely way to get into an accident. When in a rush, drivers are more likely to:

  • Increase their speed.
  • Perform dangerous or illegal maneuvers (lane-splitting, et cetera.)
  • Not be focused on the car in front of them, rather the vehicles up ahead that they wish to cut off.

Be Well Rested

Getting adequate rest is essential in remaining focused on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), insufficient rest can have the same effects as alcohol in certain situations. A drowsy driver is dangerous due to slower reaction times, less attention to the road, and other limited motor functions.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Visibility is crucial for safety on the road. Ensure that all mirrors are correctly aligned before you pull out of the driveway. It is much easier to remain focused on safe driving when your attention is not on adjusting crooked mirrors.

Staying Focused with Wallace Pierce Law

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